unlocking the real potential of coffea arabica

Built on over 25 years of ground breaking research from the University of Coffee, Amarey harnesses the power of the Coffea Arabica plant to create something truly extraordinary.

We create solutions for people and the planet.
We expand beyond the bean, to the coffee fruit.
We pioneer regenerative business practices.
We innovate for a better planet, and happier people.

Innovation through Technology.

Our approach reflects a commitment to environmental consciousness and innovative biotechnological advancements.


Our lab serves as the birthplace of innovation, where our partners and experts work tirelessly to develop groundbreaking solutions using the latest scientific methods.



After identifying the specific molecules and output, we collaborate closely with the food and beverage industry to develop solutions that seamlessly integrate into our circular business model.



industrial development of sustainable ingredients

Our expertise lies in transforming coffee industry by-products into top-grade ingredients for the personal care and fragrance sectors.


We are on a mission to regenerate the skin, and the planet. Will you join us?

Are you a business? Partner with us and pioneer in the circular economy. We will make Coffee work for you.