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Espresso for your skin.

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A name of African-Yoruban origins, just like coffee, Amarey literally means "possesses great strength". With this name we seek to shine a light on the origins of our resources, highlighting the power of nature, of culture, of women, of diversity, of heritage and lastly of change - and how it can be achieved.


“Research is love for the world”

The words of our grandfather Ernesto Illy.

It is with these principles that today we build Amarey,
Benefit Corporation producing the first Italian functional skincare line made from regenerated coffee extracts.

The passion for coffee and respect for science have been the lifeblood of the Illy family for generations. Through Amarey, the aim is to enhance every element of the powerful coffee plant, the Coffea Arabica, but above all, to transfer the scientifically recognized benefits of its use from the food sector to the cosmetic one. Coffee now takes on a new life in a gesture of beauty.

It is the first coffee of the morning, it is espresso for the skin.

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What we stand for

An authentic product, for authentic people, from authentic resources

A science-based approach to quality

Led by our award-winning experts, we lean into decades of research exploring the connection between our coffee, antioxidants and skin health. Our formulas are developed by the top leading scientists in coffee chemistry and dermatology, to enhance the efficiency of our products.

We believe quality is a synonym of sustainability.

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Letter from the founders

We founded Amarey as a commitment to a better world, as a peaceful rebellion against conventional dynamics. Our reason to exist, our vision, is to design new regenerative processes as we work to protect our heritage. We are on a constant quest for innovation, as it is with creativity too that one can have a significant impact on today's sustainable challenges.

We believe aesthetics, so ethics, to be the mean through which we can navigate the complexity of our world. Everything we do is inspired by beauty: by the beauty of the soul, of the mind, of the body, of nature and of wellbeing itself, that for us, is the ultimate representation of health, both for the planet and for the people. Only by relying on the beautiful we are able live a content, or eudemonic life. Amarey is the change we dream of seeing, the shift from linear to circular, from extractive to regenerative, from thoughtless to thoughtful.

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Congratulations! Your order qualifies for free shipping You are €45 away from free shipping.
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