A letter from us

A letter from us

We founded Amarey as a commitment to a better world, as a peaceful rebellion against conventional dynamics.

Our reason to exist, our vision, is to design new regenerative processes as we work to protect our heritage. We are on a constant quest for innovation, as it is with creativity too that one can have a significant impact on today’s sustainable challenges.

Plato believed that to be able to understand good we must rely on beauty, which is the vestibule, or the antechamber of good, allowing us to perceive the universal order. This relationship between ethics and aesthetics, between goodness and beauty, represents our precise way of being.

We believe aesthetics, so ethics, to be the mean through which we can navigate the complexity of our world. Everything we do is inspired by beauty: by the beauty of the soul, of the mind, of the body, of nature and of wellbeing itself, that for us, is the ultimate representation of health, both for the planet and for the people. Only by relying on the beautiful we are able live a content, or eudemonic life.

Amarey is the change we dream of seeing, the shift from linear to circular, from extractive to regenerative, from thoughtless to thoughtful